Man Arrested for Alleged Infant Assault

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SELINSGROVE -- Police in Selinsgrove arrested a father and charged him with attempted criminal homicide for abusing his infant son. Authorities say the man tried to flee to New York but was arrested in Hazleton on Friday after he was involved in a crash.

Police say Mahmoud Ibrahim, 29, is from Egypt but is living in Selinsgrove under an expired tourist visa. Authorities were concerned he would leave the country, so he was charged Friday with attempted homicide. Police believe Ibrahim did not want the baby to be born, because the child was born out of wedlock, which is against his faith.

Four-month-old Ali Ibrahim is at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville, recovering from brain and eye injuries as well as numerous broken bones. Police believe the infant was abused by his father, Mahmoud Ibrahim of Selinsgrove.

According to investigators, the abuse happened late last month inside this house on West Snyder Street in Selinsgrove. Ibrahim was alone with the child and called 911 when the baby stopped breathing. Police say Ibrahim told investigators that he did not want the baby to be born, since the child was born out of wedlock.

"You never want to hear about any child getting hurt at all. I love my girls and I can't imagine doing something like that to them. I couldn't imagine anyone else doing that to a child, especially an infant. They're just defenseless," Allison Terrio said.

Allison Terrio has two small children and says the abuse allegations hit too close to home.

"I've never met them. I've only ever seen them coming in and out of the house. It's just terrible that it could be so close to home," Terrio said.

Some neighbors did not wish to speak on camera but they tell Newswatch 16 they're shocked because they know the couple and they never once heard them fighting. Other neighbors say they're surprised because this is a normally quiet neighborhood, and they are concerned because there are a lot of children who live around here.

"It makes us worry about the children's safety on our street. It's just heartbreaking," another neighbor, Janell said.

Police say Ibrahim tried to flee to New York, but was arrested in Hazleton on Friday after he crashed.

"I'm just glad that we know now that he's away and our kids are safe for right now," Janell said.

Geisinger Medical Center would not release any information on the baby's condition. Mahmoud Ibrahim is locked up in the Snyder County prison on one million dollars bail. He is scheduled to appear in court next week.


  • get all the facts

    I know the family personally and all these allegations are false. Nice work to the Selinsgrove Police Station and no one has the right to pass judgement on people and situations they dont know. I know for a fact this man is legal and law enforcement only uses what benefits them, not the whole truth. Poor Ali may very well be sufering from chronic health issues. This man dedicated his life as an air marshall to protect against 9-11 attacks. People are wrong to say things about a man who they do not know. Thank god he called 911 and saved his son. People need to be educated better on this and not fed lies.

  • Concerned

    This awful tragedy should be taken as an opportunity to educate communities about why intercultural relationships with men from Mid East countries that have very strong cultural ties and repercussions from religion need to be approached with mindfulness. An educated perspective could have saved this baby and the mother a lot of unnecessary heartache. It literally is not something homeland security can do, but needs to be approached on college campuses and in a straigh forward way. This is one of many stories and, while not all men will behave like this, it is important to note that the cultural repercussions to a man in this situation are just that strong it will drive him to do the unthinkable. Face that fact and we are half way to preventing this from happening again.

  • concerned

    Where was the other two children in this event? Baby has broken bones that couple was fighting that week and mother posted all this craziness on facebook about them breaking up etc. And if he did not agree on having baby out of wedlock WHY? would she even trust him watching this child?? Who knows they could of been fighting and he snatched baby from her or something why would it have broken wrist? I hope these children are placed in safe care and NEVR have to deal with this ever AGAIN..But she stated on facebook that a daycare harmed her child. I hope she was not covering for the idiot if so she should be charged also.

    • get all the facts

      In all honesty I think people like you should know all the facts before judging. maybe the parents know exactly when the changes in their baby occured. Educate yourself on all the facts before posting.

  • concerned

    the baby was born out of wedlock which is against his faith??!! why isnt it against his faith to have sex BEFORE marriage??????i dont get it! people are stupid! nice excuse!

  • JM Hall

    I don’t care about where he’s from and whether he should be here or not, the man is a piece of trash that should rot in a cell. I just hope the baby will be OK and end up in a loving home.

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