Judge Finds Lupas Not Competent to Stand Trial

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WILKES-BARRE – A federal judge has ruled that attorney Anthony Lupas of Luzerne County is not competent to stand trial for an alleged ponzi scheme.

Lupas was indicted by the feds last year for allegedly stealing millions of dollars from investors.

The judge ruled Lupas, who suffers from a mental illness, is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the charges against him.


  • jt

    what are you freaking kidding me he not going to jail because he’s mental diease huh?? really? I know someone who went to jail that has the same health problem he has and they send him to jail why didn’t lupas go to jail at all this is not fair country is getting crooked

  • Charly Lucky

    Now, all that has to be done is to see if the person that ruled him incompetent, is competent of making that decision.

  • justwondering

    He was competent enough to steal MILLIONS from people. Strip him of his property (and money) and stick him in a mental institution FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. He can’t hurt anyone else there. Do the crime Do the time!!!!!!!

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