Body Recovered After Drowning

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LAKE WALLENPAUPACK — Search teams in Pike County recovered the body of a missing boater in Lake Wallenpaupack.

Dive officials came across the remains of 24-year-old Ben Culton, 24, of Montgomery County, around 12:30 Sunday afternoon.

According to friends, Culton was visiting the lake for the first time Friday when he and six others took two boats out on the water before midnight.

The boats tipped with one flipping over. Six people were able to make it back to the shore but Culton did not.


  • Len

    Some one people! PFDs (Life Jackets) save lives. This was PA’s 17th boating fatality. Not one of these victims was wearing a life jacket.

  • eric

    George are you really that stupid you don’t realize that a canoe is a TYPE OF BOAT and therefore is classified as a boat. You wrote in your post that a boat and a canoe are not the same, but a canoe IS a boat. I would be surprised by your post if this were any other place than nepa.

  • Joe Schmoe

    The remains? Come on WNEP! The body is a more accurate description. The remains is something that happens after being eaten by bears or something. Who writes your online articles??

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