School Closings And Delays

Red Kettle Campaign Set To Launch

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POTTSVILLE -- It's a sure sign of the holidays, when you see the bell ringers and the red kettles of the Salvation Army. The familiar program launches Saturday.

At the Salvation Army facility in Pottsville, people lined up for groceries.  Most of these folks are down on their luck and are considered the working poor. They depend on the Salvation Army for a helping hand.

“They put food in my stomach. They give me clothes.  i’ve never had a problem and I am always welcome here,” said Jerry Kramer of Pottsville.

“A lot of us are really strapping with food stamps getting cut and at least we're guaranteed to get a meal on Fridays,” said Christopher Young of Pottsville.

The Salvation Army pays for their services, in part, through the red kettle campaign that begins this weekend. Volunteers and workers ring bells and hope that people will donate their spare change.

“Our kettle campaign is vital to what we do here. Without it we couldn't do a portion of our services that we have to provide,” said Salvation Army Lt. Staci Ferreira.

Ferreira says her organization is always looking for extra help.

“We could always use more volunteers this time of year. so if anyone wants to volunteer, call down and we'll fit them in where ever we can.”

Salvation Army officials say their red kettle campaign is very important for the Pottsville area. Their goal this year is $90,000.