Driver Cited In Two Car Crash Caught On Camera

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SCRANTON -- One of the drivers involved in a two car crash that was captured on surveillance video in Scranton has been cited.

Police said Dominic Pica, 20, of Moosic ran a stop sign on Prospect Avenue and was hit by a car driving up Beech Street which forced Pica to crash in between two houses.

Surveillance cameras mounted outside Cura’s Restaurant in Scranton captured a two car crash as it all unfolded.

One of those houses is attached to Cura’s Restaurant, and the family who owns the Mexican eatery lives at that home.

They described what happened.

“I was upstairs in my house and I saw the crash,” said Brayan Rodriguez-Ayala, the owners' son. “And I ran and got my parent, I said ‘mom, mom, there’s a car on our lawn!’.”

The crash happened around 9 p.m. Thursday, and police said Pica was cited with a stop sign violation and careless driving.

Police said the driver who hit Pica will not be charged.

“I thought it was a drunk person, but then when I actually saw the video and saw what happened, the guy missed the stop sign, he got hit, and that’s when he got railed into the property,” said Ana Rodriguez-Ayala.

Police said neither driver was hurt in the crash and the Rodriguez-Ayala family is just grateful none of them were either.

“So it’s just, the thought in my head that one of my, my little brother or one of my cousins got hit by a car it just devastating so,” said Ana.

“A little bit exciting but also a little scary, extremely scary,” said Brayan.

Cura`s owners said there was no damage done to the restaurant, and they are open for business.