Talkback Feedback: Newscat Speaks

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Every week Scott Schaffer answers your calls in the Thursday night feature called Talkback Feedback, but we worry the segment is maybe getting a little stale.

So now we add a new voice to the mix, one that's never been heard before.


  • Bambi Tuckey

    Hi Scott! Hi Newscat! Can you tell me what “Fat Cat Christmas” is all about? Also, we love all of you! :)

  • Glenn

    I am really upset about this 28 cent gas tax the state wants to repair the roads.There is too much tax money on gas now. Where is all the money going that we pay in tolls, licenses and taxes now. Do Pendot workers need more money? Or is it going to be paid out to the over paid retiries pensions? They should be made to show where every penny of this money goes into road repairs, Not in someone’s pocket.

  • Bruce Mull

    Why is it when one of your employees involved in a story. They don’t have the microphone shoved in their face? I would like 2 know what Mrs. Maisia Burke would have to said about her husband (Frank)? It is alright to do that to all the other stories you do. It looks like you do what you please so they don’t feel uncomforted. What about the other families that you do stories on? How do you think they feel? Make sure Marisa is not on tv. When the story is aired. Thank You, for your time Scott and Newscat. I know that this will not be aired do to the person it is. Protect those that are your employees. What is good for the goose is good for the gander….

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