Summit Hill Park Vandalized, Residents Frustrated

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SUMMIT HILL -- Police say they're looking for the public's help in cracking a wave of vandalism at a community park.

You don't have to look hard to find vandalism at Ginder Park and Playground in Summit Hill: dented doorknobs, missing swings, a new ride bent over, shingles missing from the pavilion, and a gaping hole in the wall of a building.

“As long as I've lived here, there have always been issues over there,” said neighbor Richard Salazar.

Salazar likes to take his children to the park.

“I've seen older kids, teenage kids, over there throwing rocks at the doors and stuff like that and so I’ve made contact with the Summit Hill police.

“It's happening at various hours and it seems to be youths that are doing it. We have no concrete leads at this time but we're going to be putting video surveillance over there,” said Summit Hill Police Chief Joseph Fittos.

Neighbors Linda and Steve Figura want the vandalism to stop.

“I bring my grandkids up here and they like to play on the swings and everything. I wish they wouldn't do it but you're going to have bad people somewhere,” Steve Figura said.

“I think it's a shame that people have to do things like that, the children enjoy the park,” Linda added.

Borough leaders say they're very proud of what they've accomplished at the park and hope that anyone who knows who is responsible to give police a call.


  • William DeFazio

    They’ll probably put a $12,000 CCTV system in there that will give a shitty picture anyway and not help. Heads up people! Ebay! You can get a really good system with night vision and motion detection and up to 16 camera’s for under $600.00 and a monkey could install it!!!!! It’ll have a screen name and password and any resident can be given the log in to watch it from your home or computer or phone and keep an eye on things! Do not let them fool you into paying for some ridiculous system that doesn’t work!

  • Chad

    Some of what you showed has been like that for months. Not much new. It’s surprising the police were able to get out of the car for the story. They usually try to avoid trouble spots in town. If there was drug dealing at the park they police would never respond to a call there. Sad state of affairs in the PV area police departments.

  • joe

    WOW ! That’s perfect, ADVERTISE that you are putting security cameras in the park. now for sure you will never catch them. nice job summit hill PD.

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