Teacher Gets ‘New Do’ in Susqheanna County

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DIMMOCK TOWNSHIP – A teacher in Susquehanna County is rocking a ‘new do’ thanks to her students.  She shaved her head all for a good cause.

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Hicks is pretty popular at Elk Lake Elementary School helping get her students ready for their next class, but her ‘new do’ is what everyone at this school in Susquehanna County is talking about.

But her 'new do' is what everyone in this Susquehanna County School is talking about.

"Well I am pretty surprised, very surprised,"  said 5th grade student George Sobeck.

"I kinda like it but she looks a lot different," said 6th grade student Samantha Hunsinger.

Ms. Hicks made a deal with her students:  Raise more money than last year for the school’s Mini Relay for Life and she would shave her head.  Ms. Hicks sure kept good on her promise.

"It was amazing, the whole gym erupted in cheers and everything and everybody started yelling you`re getting a haircut!" said Elk Lake Elementary teacher Louise Hicks.

Ms. Hick’s bravery impressed everyone at the Relay this weekend.

"She looks awesome, and I think it was action packed, how she did that right there on the spot," said 6th grade student Brandon Way.

But how much the students raised is even more impressive.  The kids crushed their goal of $5,000 dollars for the American Cancer Society, collecting more than $9,100 dollars.

Samantha Hunsinger raised the money for her grandmother who died from cancer.

"I felt really good inside because it was for her and all the people out there that have cancer,” said the 6th grader at Elk Lake.

Ms. Hicks hasn`t said whether or not she`ll shave her head next year at Mini Relay if students at Elk lake raise even more money, but each and every one of these kids is already pledging to try harder.

Teacher Ginger Shadduck counted up the total and wouldn’t be surprised if the kids surpass that number next year too.

"Last year it blew me away when they hit 5,000, and this year I couldn`t believe it they just were determined,” said Shadduck.

As for Ms. Hicks, she said she has no regrets and that it was one of the best moments of her life.

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  • Lisa

    Way to go Ms. Hicks!! What an awesome woman. I am proud to know her.

    WNEP you have been reporting on Dimock for how long, especially with the drama with the gas wells on Carter Road, and you can’t spell Dimock correctly. That’s just awesome.

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