Career Fair For High Schoolers in Dallas Twp.

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- As part of National Career Development Day, Dallas High School in Luzerne County held a career fair for students, but this one came with a twist.

A high school cafeteria is typically a place for eating, but at Dallas High, it's where students met ten area professionals to talk about jobs.

"It lets me explore my options for when I get older and what jobs I can look into," said Dallas freshman Kimberly Albertson.

The school's first career fair was set up in a speed-dating style. An engineer, a financial adviser, a Marine, and Newswatch's 16 Sharla McBride were all on hand to speak with students about their career goals.

Superintendent Frank Galicki said students this age need more direction.

"The statistics are staggering. Students going to college not knowing what they want to do, changing their majors multiple times, graduating in five, maybe six years," said Dallas Superintendent Frank Galicki.

There is some incentive for attending. Participating in the fair counts toward an exit project for the students.

Even though students could come and have it count towards their exit project for graduation, the students said there are far more benefits than just working on a project.

"It really gives you an option of what you want to do in life. If you don't have your mind made up, you could talk to these guys and they really show a direction of where to go," said Dallas sophomore Uzee Ukattah.

"You have to know because what college you pick also affects what you what to do in life, so it's good that they have this," said Dallas sophomore Joseph Bevevino.

The event was so successful, Dallas school officials hope to plan another career fair for the spring.