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UPDATE: Deer Rescued From Well In Susquehanna County

SPRINGVILLE TOWNSHIP — Two large deer are back in the wild after falling into an abandoned well in Susquehanna County.

A wildlife conservation officer says a hunter found the 8-point bucks Tuesday, stuck about seven feet down in a well off Jennings Road near Springville.

Several people helped free the deer by looping a rope around their antlers and pulling them to safety.

The game commission officer says the abandoned well in Susquehanna County has been filled in.

Fred Sherman got to see it in person.

“Oh man, it was crazy. You couldn’t even imagine or dream nothing like that.”

The well is on his farm near Springville.  It’s filled in with rock now but Sherman came to help Tuesday after a hunter spotted the two deer stuck eight feet down.

“I looked down in there, they were jumping, they were trying to get up out of there but it was about that big and they couldn’t get up out of there,” Sherman recalled.

He thinks the two buck had to be fighting and fell in.

“I don’t know if they were locked together and or he was just after him and he lost his balance and there they were.  Then they were buddies.  They had to be then.”

Sherman explained how he and a few others got the big buck out.  First, they dug out the side of the well.

“And then we got a rope and looped it around the antler on the first one and then pulled him up and then I pulled on his antler and pulled him up out of there and as soon as he got his feet on the ground, you just got back and whoosh.”

Sherman works in this field several times a year and for all the years he’s been farming here.  he never knew the well was there. Now, he’ll never forget it.

He filled the well with rock so no other rescues are necessary but he’ll have this image in mind for a long time and quite a story to tell, although the deer didn’t stick around to reminisce.

“No time for no thank you.  They were gone.  At least they weren’t hurt, that’s the main thing.”

Fred Sherman knows the two eight-point buck have more than a well to worry about now with deer season coming in a few weeks.  He’s just glad they didn’t suffer for long in that hole.


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