Talkback Feedback: Election Coverage

Election night is always a busy night for us here at the news station but it's so gratifying when you know your efforts are appreciated. as we hear in tonight's Talkback Feedback

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  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    I would like to know why the election place in West Penn Twp the people are asking for ID and when refusing to do so they make up excuses like” Oh, it’s easier to have something in writing to compare to the name listed…LOL….well, we know our rights and refused. They also had posters advising 1st time voters to present photo ID. Illegal as well. When you register to vote you receive a voter registration card that has NO photo on it. That is all you should have to produce as a first time voter. These people are obviously trying to reinforce Corbetts illegal attempt to block the Democrat from voting….like Rep. Mike Turzai stated in 2012 before the elections…to give Romney a win in Pa. Sorry!!!! Didn’t work out that way and won’t in the future.

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