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Retired Sergeant Walks in Honor of Wounded Veterans

A disabled veteran from Wayne County used Veterans Day as a way to raise awareness about the men and women hurt in the line of duty.

A few years ago, retired Army Sergeant Nicholas Zwicker was injured by a grenade in Iraq.

On Monday, he walked from Hawley to Honesdale in honor of all injured veterans.

Zwicker carried his 80 pound military bag during the 10-mile walk.  He said it was nothing compared to the pain he and other injured veterans have had to endure.

“It was hard it took me a little bit more than a year learning to walk again and it’s hard for each disabled vet they all have their own path that they have to struggle through,” said Sgt. Zwicker.

All donations Zwicker received before and during his walk today will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.


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