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Mayor Leighton Responds To Thirteenth Homicide in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE – Following an arrest in the thirteenth homicide case so far this year in the city, Mayor Tom Leighton told Newswatch 16 that the owner and managers of an embattled apartment complex are not cooperating with city administrators.

“I’m the mayor of the city. When things go wrong, I get the blame. I`ve been shouldering the blame for ten years now. But I will tell you, the city is much better than it was ten years ago, outside of the violent crime,” said Leighton.

City administrators said the owners of Sherman Hills apartments are appealing a $30,000 fine levied by the city earlier this year, for failing to have apartments inspected or have tenants properly registered.

“They’re cooperative when we’re in the meetings, but unfortunately, I’m very upset. I’m disappointed and I’m angry that they have not been more forceful in watching who is coming in to visit their tenants, who are staying there overnight and who is parking their cars there.”

Leighton said that the city plans on hiring ten new police officers next year to help combat crime in the city.


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