Making Snow On Camelback Mountain

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There was snowing falling in one part of Monroe County Tuesday night, man-made snow that is.

The snow guns are pumping out the white stuff at Camelback Mountain Resort as the winter playground gears up for its 50th season.

It's certainly a strong sign that winter is upon us.

The snow guns were revving, tossing the white stuff down on the slopes here at Camelback Mountain near Tannersville.

Employees at the ski resort say with the weather providing the perfect freezing temperatures the next couple days, they are taking advantage.

“This is actually the earliest we`ve been able to make snow,” said Brian Bossuyt, director of marketing for Camelback.  “This is going to be our 50th season so it`s nice to get a nice jump on early snow making, we`re real excited about it, we started up the guns about a half hour ago.”

And job seekers in the area are taking advantage at the resort as well.

As Camelback gears up for its 50th season, this job fair had people applying for a range of seasonal positions at the resort.

“I hoping to get, it`s called Get The Picture and it`s pretty much you just take pictures of families and skiing and snowboarding and maybe some action shots and things like that,” said Rebecca Alonis of East Stroudsburg.

“I’m hoping to get a job in food services, I`ve always been a friendly person and it seems fun,” said Travis Miller of Stroudsburg.

“A few of my family members have worked here and they said they really loved it so I thought I`d come out and give it a try and it`s actually pretty nice,” said Shelby Haller of Stroudsburg.

And while they are there to work, there`s still time for plenty of play for employees.

One of the biggest bonuses of the job is free use of the slopes.

“Get to ski for free while they`re working here and have a good time, it`s always a good perk and people love that,” said Bossuyt.

“Yes, that is awesome, I ski and snowboard so that`d be awesome if I could do that all the time,” said Alonis.

Camelback says it's goal is to be ready and open for skiing by December 6th.