Couple Ties the Knot on 11/12/13

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PLYMOUTH -- Tuesday's usually aren't big days to get married. But for couples who wanted to make sure their wedding date was 11/12/13, it was the day to get hitched!

Benjamin and Sheri Crouter of Wilkes-Barre seal their marriage with a kiss. They tied the knot at Comfort Zone Deli in Plymouth, and chose a specific date as their special day.

November 12, 2013 or 11/12/13 is the second to last sequential day of the century. Next year there is 12/13/14 but after that numbers won't line up until 2101.

With that in mind the couple decided to say "I do" on a day they say is extra special.

"We've been talk about it for a couple of years, getting married, and then the date came up and we figured that was it," Benjamin Crouter said.

"It was funny too because it was only last month, the last week of September when we were like okay we can do it on 11/12/13. We have a month, and we did it all in a month," Sheri Crouter said.

The bride and groom say they wanted a small intimate wedding with their family and close friends. They also thought it would be fun to follow in the footsteps of Sheri's dad and step-mom.

"My wife and I got married on 8/9/10 so that kind of started to put the seed in and they wanted 11/12/13 so it really did work out nice," Tom Thomas, father of the bride said.

Though the venue was small, it was still your typical reception.

With the cutting of the cake, and the bride making a bit of a mess on her new hubby.

The newlyweds say they plan to take their honeymoon next year on their anniversary. An anniversary date they likely won't forget.