2011 Homicide Case Headed to Trial

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Jessica Alinsky had no comment as she walked into a magistrate's office in Hazle Township, where a district judge ruled there is enough evidence to send her to trial.

Alinsky is accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend Matthew Gailie at their home in the Eagle Rock development near Hazleton in September 2011. At the time, the coroner couldn't determine if he was shot by someone or if he shot himself.

It wasn't until a coroner's inquest earlier this year that a jury ruled the case a homicide and Alinsky was charged.

At her preliminary hearing, troopers and forensic experts testified that when they inspected the scene, the gun wasn't in Gailie's hand, but placed on it. It also appeared that his body had been moved several times. They testified the blood smears on the gun and location of the gunshot wound on Gailie's face were not consistent with a suicide.

Alinsky called 911 after the shooting. Troopers testified that when they spoke with her, she told them four different stories about how Gailie was shot. One trooper said she admitted her hand was on the trigger.

In court, authorities called the scene "odd" and testified she staged a suicide.

After waiting two years for all of this to happen, Gailie's father says he just wants closure.

"I am looking forward to move forward and get past this, and bring it to where it needs to go," said Matthew Gailie's father Frank Gailie.

Jessica Alinsky is locked up in Luzerne County.  So far, no date has been set for her trial.


  • Ashley C

    People should not judge!!!!!!! I’ve only known Jessica a short period of time but from what I do know is that she is one of the most caring,giving,and loving people I have ever met. When my mood is down and my faith is week Jessica is the one to lift my spirits and reasure me that Gods got me.Give the girl a chance to take the stand prove her self.

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