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Supreme Court Ruling Prevents Veterans from Praying at School Function

HAWLEY — “O God of host we bow our heads in thankfulness for the victories thou has granted us.”

It’s a Veterans Day prayer that is heard all over the country on this day.

Members of American Legion Post 311 in Hawley recite it every year at its Veterans Day ceremony in Bingham Park.

Some members were hoping the legions chaplain could read the prayer at Wallenpaupack Area High School’s Veterans Day Ceremony.

School officials said it’s not allowed because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

“It’s asahme that the schools are not allowed to have prayer anymore because one or two athiests in this country,” American Legion Post 311 Chaplain, Joseph Mundy said.

Some members of Post 311 said they are upset with the schools decision.

Because of that, they will not be marching in the ceremony this year.

“I think everyone should be offended that we cannot do this,” George Hibbs, Past Commander of Post 311 said.

Members of American Legion Post 311 in Hawley said it’s upsetting that they won’t be attending Wallenpaupacks Veterans Day ceremony because of the prayer conflict.

Members hope in years to come some changes can be made so they can once again interact with kids on Veterans Day.

“I hope so. It would mean a lot to both, not only us the veterans but also the children coming into this world,” Mundy said.

Dana Wolf, a military mom with two sons overseas says she will attend the ceremony with her husband who is an American Legion member.

Other legion members say they can only hope for change in the future so they can once again march at the ceremony.


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