Shooting In Wilkes-Barre Now a Homicide

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WILKES-BARRE -- A woman shot Monday afternoon in Wilkes-Barre has died. A Luzerne County Deputy Coroner confirms that the woman died around 5:30 p.m.

The Luzerne County District Attorney referred questions about the homicide to Wilkes-Barre Police. It is the 13th homicide in Wilkes-Barre this year.

Authorities have not released the woman's name or age. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

The shooting happened near Sherman Hills apartments in Wilkes-Barre.

It happened around 4:20 p.m. on Parkview Circle in the city.

Police said a female was shot three times and driven to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.  From there, she was taken by ambulance to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township.

At Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, Newswatch 16 found police cruisers outside the emergency department and police tape around the area.

The SUV that dropped off the woman was towed away. Police took the driver to Police Headquarters for questioning.

Officials at Wilkes-Barre General said emergency room operations were not affected by the crime scene investigation.


  • audeyann

    It isn’t just in Sherman Hills It’s everywhere!!!! It’s time us parents start to take back control of our kids we can’t even spank for fear of having the cops called and we get charged for child abuse. I’m sorry but my mother and father didn’t beat me but when i didn’t do right i got an a@@ whooping i’m not caring a gun or shooting ppl. I turned out alright. I see an elderly person struggling to do something i stop what i’m doing to help, I have respect for other ppl and their property.

    • Kimberly Ann

      From the West Side, we are afraid for you and your families! Our hearts and prayers are with you and the city to make the next right CHANGE. If nothing CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES! You are the people, make them change! Sherman Hills and other areas should be made to have full time officers designated to particular crime areas!

      Many of our school have more than one officer of the law in it, students go threw searches….changes!

      Aside the death toll adding up in WB, look at the money we have to pay to house(food, clothing, meals, public defenders and HEALTHCARE) vs. the pay of a police officer? Are they full time with health care?

      To the West Side, Light your house up tonight to Support Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas!

  • Dean smith

    Shut them down? How dumb do you sound.. If you shut them down all your doing is pushing them out into other homes in the city. Possibly next to yourself or someone in your family. How about the police actually do there jobs. They know the problem areas in this city, but do nothing to make there presence felt. They avoid these places as well as the night life spots. But let’s not forget there was a shooting inside of what is now Brewhouse, police caught those people quickly…

  • Erica

    People are coming from Ny, Jersey and Philly areas and moving into these apartment buildings and making stuff bad for people. At the end of the day Sherman Hills is a dangerous place and I wouldn’t advise anyone to live there. I used to get my hair done at the Dominican place right there and I even stopped doing that because every time I do go there’s a bunch of wanna- be thugs and ratchet chicks who have nothing better to do with their lives. Do better wilkes barre, do better… and before anyone says anything smart about what I said, Im a black female from Newark, Nj… so it’s not like I’m trying to knock ppl from those other areas but come on, I moved out here to get away from
    that crap not to deal with it all over again.

  • HillsAdvocate

    I have family in that complex, and I can tell you all one thing: Not all people in herman Hills are criminals! How unfair to say “shut em down” regardless of the several families that would be put out in the cold….. They have implemented new rules and most people have followed them. There just seems to be this handful of TROUBLE, that always finds a way back in. The insanity is that they don’t even have apartments there! Sherman Hills residents, ACTUALresidents, need protection from these people, not an eviction notice at Christmastime!!!

    • ieshia

      Shutting down sherman hills is not changing nothing all ihts doing is kicking inocent ppl out of their homes & honestly ihts not the shermanhills fault in any means kus they are changing iht around but they can only do so much. & yes i know wht ppl say bout kids aren’t safe there buht everywhere kids ain’t safe ihts just if yu put yur nose in business that ain’t yurs like i understand why ppl are sayin “SHUT THEM DOWN” ihts because they dnt live there & they got a house everyone cabt afford a house like yu guys can !!

      • William DeFazio

        That’s exactly the point! you cannot blame the l;andlord, the city, anymore than you can blame the private landlords for what happensin their neighborhood! It’s ridiculous! Otherwise, the city has to shut it down and pay a fine as well!

    • William DeFazio

      That’s exactly the point! you cannot blame the landlord, the city, anymore than you can blame the private landlords for what happens in their neighborhood! It’s ridiculous! Otherwise, the city has to shut it down and pay a fine as well!

  • Deb Payson

    LIGHT UP THE NIGHT! Please all city residents put your porch lights on ..all night …every night…..Police, Fire, Rescue, newspaper carriers, etc. are out there working IN THE DARK every night…show your support…Light up the night!….
    When is HUD or the City or the County going to hold the Owners responsible? Property values are going to continue to drop, the children in Sherman Hills are at risk daily. The residents of this city are afraid to let their children outside. The Police have far too many calls they have to hold because of a lack of resources. The hiring of Police is not going to increase our numbers, only replace those who are leaving. It is out of control in broad day light. We need an emergency intervention and we need it now.

    • L.S.

      That’s a great idea, except someone has to pay the bill. I suspect many can’t afford to leave their lights on all night every night.

  • William DeFazio

    Shootings at Sherman Hills in Wilkes-barre, are they going to close them apartments down? I mean Fair is Fair right? The City made The Landlords responsible and so they should be cited and shut down for 6 months right? At least that’s how i see it!

  • Ball Drainer

    We’re getting close to the end of the year, so i guess all the criminals are putting in overtime trying to make sure this is a record year for wilkes barre. Hope the woman makes it.

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