Vandals Target Vehicles in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Dozens of car owners in Wilkes-Barre need to replace their windows after vandals targeted vehicles in the city.

Police said someone used a pellet gun to shoot out windows on vehicles on Mill Street, Kado Street,  Garnder Avenue, Gravel Street, Yale Street, and Matson Avenue in the northern part of the city sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday.

Investigators said several vehicles in Plains Township were also vandalized.

No one has been arrested yet for the crime.


  • mdog

    Police need information from citizens.
    We all must do what we can, do a watch
    a random watch into the night may catch a criminal
    i’ve caught 3 reported and convicted.
    Any details must be written down,
    Not Paranoid just smart.

    • Ball Drainer

      yeah….. a vandal is a criminal….like an armed robber is a criminal…. but you dont say two criminals robbed a store….. you say two armed robbers robbed a store…. its just a way to reference what kind of criminal actions the criminal took. I hope ive made you a bit smarter lad. Walk with Jesus.

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