Man Found Dead in Fire

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP — A man was found dead in a fire at his home on Roth Lane in Barrett Township, according to the Monroe County coroner.

Flames broke just after 5 p.m. Saturday.

Allen said Richard Zegilla, 54, was found dead in a bedroom on the third floor.

According to Allen, the fire marshal believes the fire sparked on the first floor in the rear of the home.

The coroner said an autopsy on Zegilla is scheduled for Monday morning.

The fire marshal, along with Barrett Township Police and fire department are expected back on scene Monday to determine the cause of the fire.


  • Juan C Estrada

    Richard I had so many good memories of you the greatest human being i ever met loving,caring,giving and a wonderful friend. we always luv ya!!! rest in peace. Jason Im so sorry for your loss. my prayers are with you. Juan Carlos

  • Kenneth Wickiser

    Richard, you gave us so many wonderful memories. In our hearts forever you are. Always hospitable, always encouraging. We love you and Jason.
    K and T.

  • Jean

    Richard- i will always remember our Ribs and Moore
    Antics and your bright beautiful smile and
    Amazing sense of humor! Jason I am so sorry
    For your loss.

  • Jean

    Richard- I have so many fond memories
    Of our antics when we worked a Ribs and
    Moore. Your bright smie and amazing sense of
    Humor will be – no doubt- missed by many.
    Jason- I am SO sorry for your loss.

  • Christine

    Our neighborhood is in tatters, everyone is hurting and a great part of our life (friend wise) is gone and it hurts, seeing that burnt out shell of a home for how ever it stands will remind us every day of our loss.

    Richard and Jason were the best neighbors anyone could have, they were open and loving and caring with everyone no matter who they were. Richard will be missed in this house for a long time and honestly I don’t think this neighborhood will be right for a long time .. so so sad, we are both heart broken.

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