Student Athlete Dies After Crash

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- A high school football player from Pocono Mountain East died Friday according to the coroner's office.

Steve Dienno was driving with two of his teammates when they crashed on September 24th on Bush Road near Scotrun.

State police believe speed played a role in causing Dienno to lose control of the vehicle and slam into two trees.

Dienno was found underneath the car.

He and his passengers, Justin Bullock and Michael Kenosky, were all taken to the hospital after the crash, and Dienno passed away on Friday.


  • Frank Rizzo

    I’m sorry for the parents of this boy and the friends loss, however, he is no hero, he is no victim, he was an ignorant punk with a fast car who went out with no regard for anyone else and killed himself! He likely killed his best friend or at the very least destroyed his life, and if nothing else destroyed his 3rd friend emotionally because he has to live with survivor guilt! Teach your children to be responsible and cautious and respectful of others and maybe this wouldn’t happen so often! Anyone here can say anything they wish about this post but deep down you all know i just said what everyone really feels deep down but won’t say because they feel bad for the parents!

  • Greg

    Yet another young victim on our highways.
    The element of inexperience is always a common denominator
    in these accidents. The roads of NEPA are especially dangerous
    because of the windy, curvey, and hilly terrain.
    Young people need to slow down and respect the roads or
    this will keep happening. Its not rocket science.

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