Scott Township Unveils Military Monument

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP-- Saturday was a proud moment for Scott Township and it's residents, as the new veterans memorial was unveiled infront of the municipal building on Montdale Road.

The idea was born 15 years ago when Vietnam veteran Stanly Stracham found a big rock during a construction project. He says,"We had nothing for our veterans, and I felt that if we can't do anything other than put a big boulder here with an inscription on it to honor our veterans, that's what we were gonna do. "

The idea caught on, donations came in, and a design was selected. A plan that ironically didn't include Stanley's big rock that got the ball rolling. That rock still sits in his back yard.

The monument is also a tribute to the families of service members.

Military spouse, Amber Peregin, came to the ceremony with her husband and children. She says,"There is a lot of sacrifice that goes on when your loved ones are overseas, it's challenging for family, it's challenging for the men and women serving, it's wonderful to see everyone come together in support of that."

The monument is still a work in progress. There are plans to add a garden and a pathway and there is plenty of space for community members to dedicate a brick.

Planers hope that as future generations serve in the military and come home the monument will remain the heart of Scott Township.

"I like everything about it, it's beautiful, everything about it," says veteran Andrew Burke.