Camping Out for Homeless Veterans

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WHITE HAVEN -- A group of veterans in Luzerne County is spending more than a day outside in the elements trying to raise awareness for men and women who served our country and don't have a home.

Members of the VFW post in White Haven were outside Saturday morning covered in cardboard and tarp shelters at the corner of Berwick and Main streets.

They were equipped with the basics and relied on donations from folks in the community to stay fed and warm.

The veterans here in White Haven are collecting socks, gloves, hats and even money for homeless vets.

A portion of that money will go to local food banks. The rest will be given to the men and women who find themselves without a place to call home.

Organizers say all too often some veterans return from duty and find themselves in little encampments like this one dependent on themselves alone.

"A lot of them end up homeless because when they come out they have such a hard time readjusting back to civilian life some come back with ptsd, unfortunately some of them get involved with drugs and alcohol so they feel like they just can't fit in," said Bob Drury a member of District 11.

Folks stopped by with food and clothing for the veterans who plan to stay outside for 30 hours.

Next year, the VFW hopes to expand the encampment to raise awareness for homeless veterans in the lead-up to veterans day.

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  • ME

    It is unfortunate there isn’t more help for our veterans, the minute they return home and afterwards. After putting their lives on the line for this country, none should be homeless or without help. As Veteran’s Day approaches, I want to thank all vets of all wars for their many sacrifices.

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