RR4: Marathon Weekend from Start to Finish

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The day before the big race and we were bound for the big apple!

Eventually we did arrive at the Javitz Center for the marathon expo.  We joined nearly 50,000 runners who picked up their official race numbers.

And with us in our group of about 50, there were so many of your neighbors ready to represent.

Soon after, it was back to the hotel to catch some shut eye.  We prepared for the ING New York City Marathon, one of the world`s biggest.

Race day came early with most of the 'Ryan`s Run' team waking up at 5 a.m.

We bundle up in old warm clothes that`ll be donated to charity after the race.  Just getting to the starting line was quite the adventure!

After leaving our hotel we boarded the Staten Island ferry to join hundreds of other runners.

Jump ahead to 10:30 a.m.: my wave of runners included three physical therapists from Allied Services.  They`ve seen how your generosity helped changed lives in our area.

The emotional moment we were training for months. The sounds of frank sinatra led us off!

With a New York state of mind, we began our 26.2 mile journey.  More than two and half million strangers cheered us on like we`re all native New Yorkers.  On the sidelines there were supporters from our area.

As we closed in on the finish line in central park our thoughts went back to those patients at Allied like Madison Carlsson, Ralphie Morris, and John Monahan, people who inspired us all.

Mission accomplished! For each and every member of the Ryan`s Run team who crossed the finish line, a personal accomplishment. But more importantly a victory for all of northeastern and central Pennsylvania.