Parents Talk Bullying In Light Of NFL Bullying Reports

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This Friday night marks the start of high school football playoffs.

The stands are packed and at the same time a controversy about players bullying and harassing other players is swirling around some of the pros who play in the NFL.

If 6-foot-5 3-hundred pound men can be bullied, parents at the Scranton Prep – Abington Heights Football game wonder, what about the teens who play on teams in our area?

It`s pretty much a given that the game of football is an aggressive sport with athletes touting their brute strength and power.

But some here at Scranton Prep`s game against Abington Heights wonder if that macho-mentality has gone too far in professional football.

“The money they make and the age of them, that they don`t know better than to not bully?” said Michelle Vergnetti of West Scranton.  “And it seems like the coach kind of knew something was going on too which I`m very surprised about.”

Miami Dolphins Offensive Tackle Jonathan Martin says he has been repeatedly bullied by fellow teammate, Richie Incognito.

Texts and voice messages sent allegedly from Incognito to Martin contain profanities, racial slurs and threats of physical harm to martin and his family.

“It`s crazy, there`s no place in sports for that kind of reaction,” said Ed Lynett of Scranton.

The league suspended Incognito but some say this should be dealt with in house.

“Let them handle it in the locker room, let the team take care of the team, say away from outside influences, it just becomes a story, let the team handle it internally,” said Jody Fitzsimmons of Wavely.

Critics of Martin  have questioned how a 6 foot 5, 300 pound football player could feel intimidated but people here say it can happened to anyone.

As for the severity of Martin's allegations, some parents said how would this story be perceived if it happened in a high school lock room rather than inside the storied profession of the NFL?

“I’d be livid, I livid and I would want my grandson to stick up for the person that got bullied or the same thing, if someone was bullying him I`d hope somebody would come forward,” said Vergnetti.

“I`d be furious, I`d go to the school administrators and talk to them, to make sure that it was taken care of,” said Lynett.


  • Hyacinth Smith

    A lot of parents think that bullying is a problem, but not their kid’s problem.You cannot prove yourself big by seeing others in little sense.Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. Experience is the best teacher.Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Be kind and be friend who protects save and take concerns check this out at!/page_home.

  • Mr. Papageorgio

    I think all this talk about bullying is BS. Grow a set and deal with it. This country is becoming pussified by people who can’t stand up for themselves. When I was a kid we settled things with our fists. We didn’t tell our mommy that Billy was picking on me. This is just another example of now NFL guys who grew up in the “new” generation of people who would rather cry about it then do something about it. It’s this type of weakness that is leading this country down the toilet

    • Mr. Williams

      Spoken like a bully yourself. I surely hope you never have to eat your words if someone you care about takes their life because of bullying in order for you to realize that “Might doesn’t make right”. To any children or bullied individuals who may be reading this please do not think all adults feel like Mr. Papgeorgio and that there are alternatives to conflict resolution than settling it with your fists. I would hate to see how he thinks you argue with a women.

      • ME

        Great post, Mr. Williams. Unfortunately, there are too many parents and others out there who think just like Mr. P, and parents who even encourage their kids to physically fight their own battles and not depend on others to rescue them. We’ve all seen videos of adults and kids standing around when someone is being bullied or even beat up. It’s scary what this world is coming to.

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