Light Angel and Forever Fragrant Air Freshener

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---First up, the Light Angel! We've had a lot of requests for this product and we aim to please.

The maker claims, it's the perfect indoor or outdoor light! Get this: no wiring needed, just peel and stick and you have instant lighting. It has seven led lights and has built in motion sensor and light sensors. The base can rotate 360 degrees and the head can pivot in any direction. All for only 12. 99. Does it really work?

We start our test of Light Angel by reading the instructions and installing the batteries. At first, we were a little puzzled as to why it would not turn on when we hit the switch. That is when we realized it was sensitive to light! If you want it to work you have to be in a dark place. If there's any light around it, it won't turn on. Our engineering department shows us where the motion sensor and light sensor are located on the angel. Also, the light is on a one minute timer. If you want it to stay on longer than 1 minute, you have to keep moving around the sensor. You can't program it to stay on longer.

We set the Light Angel at our front enterance at WNEP. The Light Angel wouldn't work, no matter where we angled the sensors. You must use it in a very dark place. Another interesting thing we found, if you shine a dull light directly at it, you can walk right by without it turning on at all. Also, this Light Angel already had one of its led lights broken. Unfortunately, the light sensor is also it's downfall. We give it a so-so.

Product test number 2! The Forever Fragrant Air Freshener! The maker claims, this air freshener will last a minimuim of two years. That's right two years! No oils, sprays or flames to deal with, just place the flavor sticks in the glass bowl and walk away. Two years of sweet smelling scents!

Stacy Lange of WNEP helped us with this test and said it does, indeed, still smell fresh after two years.

There you have it, two years and still producing a pleasant aroma! Stacy Lange gives it thumbs up!