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Celebrating A New Hospital In Susquehanna County

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY—There was a celebration in Susquehanna County Friday, marking the completion of a new hospital near Montrose.

The ribbon cutting was for the Endless Mountains Health Systems Hospital. Those who got a look inside said it is quite the upgrade from the current hospital.

“It’s spectacular. It’s unbelievable. If you’ve been in the other hospital, this is just terrific,’ said Mary Lee Comey of Montrose.

Some finishing touches were underway outside the Endless Mountains Health Systems Hospital, like installing the emergency room entrance sign.

There are 25 private patient rooms. It is four times the size of the hospital it will replace in Montrose.

Dr. Joseph Speicher said he cannot wait to practice at the new hospital. There is a trauma unit the old place never had, three times the number of examining rooms and so much more.

“You get giddy. You get giddy thinking about it,” said Dr. Speicher.

“It’s been a long time coming and a pipe dream has become a reality. It’s amazing,” he added.

There was a huge fundraising effort to pay for all this. Cabot Oil and Gas donated more than two million dollars. Company officials said it just made sense for a company bringing jobs and relocating families to the area.

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