18 Year Old Killed on “Dangerous” Road

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FELL TOWNSHIP --- Police in Lackawanna County don't know what led to a crash that killed the 18-year-old driver.

But, people who live near the crash scene say it is a dangerous road and they were saddened to hear the crash took such a young victim.

Troopers said Casey Cordova, 18, from Carbondale was driving near Vandling late Thursday afternoon and was killed after the car she was driving went off the road and into a tree. State Police are still investigating the crash. Right now they don't know what caused Cordova to go off the road. But, people who live near the road in Fell Township told Newswatch 16 it's an area prone to crashes.

The car Casey Cordova is a crumpled mess, it is impounded now in Carbondale a few miles from where the 18 year old was killed.

Friends of Cordova said she had recently graduated from Carbondale Area Junior-Senior High School. They said she was kind and had many friends who sent dozens of messages of grief on her Facebook page.

She was alone when her car went off North West Road in Fell Township and struck several trees late Thursday afternoon. The Lackawanna County coroner says she died before emergency responders got to the scene.

North West Road connects Vandling and Simpson, and according to State Police, Casey Cordova was coming from Vandling when her car went off the road coming around a curve.

People who live near North West Road said that is a situation they, unfortunately, know too well.

"We just assume, every time there's an accident up here, it's probably around this corner. They kind of call it 'dead man's corner.' I had an employee wreck his car here 20 years ago. Every time there's an accident, it's this stretch of road, this 500 feet," said Frank Cerminaro of Simpson.

Cerminaro owns Frank's Place restaurant down the hill in Simpson. He followed the fire trucks up North West Road knowing they were likely headed here. He said the spot is notorious for crashes. But, the one Thursday was the worst he's seen and made even sadder since it took the life of someone so young.

Friends of the Cordova family in Carbondale said they've set up a memorial fund under Casey Cordova's name to help her family with funeral costs.

You can donate at any PNC Bank.


  • Melissa

    I dont know who the idiot on top is but keep your comments and opinions to yourself. I find your comment rude and insensitive. This girl happens to be my cousin and my family is grieving and planning a funeral. So i would appreciate you keep your nonsense to yourself.

  • Greg

    Same old song.
    Another young victim on our byways.
    The latest in a long long list of same.
    The element of inexperience behind the wheel is always
    a common denominator in these accidents.
    The two lane roads of NEPA are especially dangerous
    because of the windy, curvey, and hilly terrain.
    You need to respect these roads or they will bite you in the ***.

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