Vandals Target Wide Area Of Berwick

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BERWICK -- Graffiti that was spray painted in Berwick is so bad that someone is putting up a $5,000 reward to catch the vandals.

Along with the graffiti, windows were also smashed.

Police say an anonymous donor put up $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of whoever went on a vandalism spree this week in Berwick.

There were more reports to police Thursday from people finding their property damaged.

A garage tagged off East Sixth Street is just the latest case of vandalism discovered in Berwick.

Someone spray painted the letters B.O.G on walls, on trailers, even on a porta potty near Berwick high's Crispin Field. Up to a dozen locations were hit.

Police believe it all happened Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The Kessler family found their garage was the victim of what vandals may believe is just a prank

"Yeah, it's a pain,” said Michael Kessler.  “I know we did stupid stuff as kids but I don't remember anything like that."

It appears Kessler's garage was a random target.  Now he plans to clean up and try to prevent another hit.

"I have a light ordered, a motion light.  I guess we'll just paint over it and hope it doesn't happen again."

The vandals hit a wide area of Berwick and people are still finding some of the damage. We spotted some that wasn't reported to police yet, including on the side of the driver’s license center.

"If I had caught them, their heads would have been in the windshield.  It's stupid,” said Mark Spade.

Spade brings up the windshield because his neighbors are dealing with more than just some spray paint.

Bill Gray and Sons Furniture had the windshields on two trucks smashed along with the sides tagged with B.O.G.

"I'm tired of it. We've had over six tires stabbed, other places had tires stabbed. American Paper here had their windows smashed out a couple years ago.  It's terrible.  Parents have to step up and take care of their kids and make sure where they're at,” Spade said.

Police say they don't know if there's any significance to B.O.G.

If you know anything, call Berwick Police at 570-752-3677 and remember there is a $5,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.