Two Arrested For Suspected Meth Lab

sch meth essler leninger

MINERSVILLE — Two people were charged for operating a meth lab in Schuylkill County, according to police.

Judith Essler, 47, and Corey Leininger, 41, were arrested in Minersville Wednesday.

Police say they got a tip about a house on Laurel Street and found materials related to making methamphetamine inside.


  • George

    BAHAHAH! She talked so much crap on me for trying to save my kid from this & here we go…Karma strikes again! And she has enough nerve to speak badly about her 1 dau being an addict getting her 3 kids taking away from her. Bad mommy that’s why!

  • Sundown

    gawd how sad, she looks like death warmed over! but there for the Grace of God go I! Once my drug of choice, Thank God; God saved me, I pray for all those with drug addiction!

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