Pocono Police Chief Back On Duty

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POCONO SUMMIT -- A police chief in the Poconos was back to work Thursday, one day after an internal investigation was completed about the theft of the chief's firearm back in May.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Harry Lewis was on duty hours after the police commission finished investigating how the chief's firearm was stolen in May.

Neighbors in that area say the commission did the right thing by holding the chief accountable.

The black SUV parked at the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department in Pocono Summit belongs to Chief Harry Lewis. The police commission attorney says Chief Lewis was taking some personal time off.chief harry lewis mug

During that time off, an investigation was underway as to how Chief Lewis's firearm was stolen from his work vehicle .

According to court papers, two men stole Chief Lewis's firearm, wallet, and credit cards out of his police vehicle in May when it was parked at his house.

Two men have been arrested, but his gun which the two men sold in Allentown, hasn't been found.

According to the attorney of the police commission which oversees the police department, Chief Lewis was treated like every other officer on the force. If an officer's firearm goes missing, the commission investigates.

Last night, the police commission held a meeting at Pocono Mountain Regional Police headquarters regarding "personnel matters."

And on Thursday, Chief Lewis was back to work and issued a statement.

“The police commission conducted an internal review to make sure I was held to the same standard as the men and women in my department are subject to.

“I am currently working and proud to serve all of the communities within my jurisdiction.”

Community members who live and visit where the Pocono Mountain Regional Police serve say overall, they're glad the police commission investigated.

"I think that's accountable and the right thing to do in the office. I think it should be made public to know what's happening, said Karen Newhook of Pocono Summit.

"I think that's the right thing to do. Why should he be treated like special treatment?  He works for us and that's what they would do for you or I,” said Patricia Carr of Arrowhead Lakes.

There's also disappointment that Chief Lewis didn't secure his weapon inside his car.

"Him being a police chief, why would you leave a gun out in the open, in his car, without being locked? He should know better," said Marco Sabel  of Lake Wallenpaupack.

It is still unclear if Chief Lewis's absence from work Wednesday was related to the investigation into his firearm being stolen from his work vehicle at his home in May.