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Scranton Republican Mayoral Candidate Concedes

SCRANTON — The Republican candidate for the mayor of Scranton conceded defeat Tuesday night.

Jim Mulligan talked to supporters at Posh in Scranton shortly after Democrat Bill Courtright declared victory.

“I congratulate Mr. Courtright on a great campaign and I expressed to my supporters that we should now get behind the new mayor-elect and support Mr. Courtright in all of his efforts to unite Scranton. My slogan was One Scranton and I firmly believe in that,” Mulligan said.

Mulligan became the Republican candidate after the winner of the May primary dropped out of the race.

“This was an incredible journey. We put an incredible campaign together in 90 days and the people of Scranton were wonderful. They were responsive to me and my family and they’ve only given us a lot of hope that the city can emerge from distress and I hope that I’m a part of it. I’m disappointed but on the other hand, we had an energized group of people that supported me, so I’m very pleased with the kind of campaign we ran in 90 days. Not bad for a Republican in the city of Scranton.”

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