No Names On The Ballot In Hallstead

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HALLSTEAD -- Voters throughout our area are going to the polls to cast ballots for positions like mayor, council, supervisor and more municipal roles, but in one community in Susquehanna County, voters aren't finding any names on the ballot for eight open positions. No one ran for any of the many openings in Hallstead.

Some voters showed up to cast their ballots in Hallstead the polls are open like any other year,  but when it comes time to go into the booth, voters certainly aren't finding many options.

There are no names on the ballot for any of the openings in Hallstead government.

No one is on the ballot for mayor.  No one is on the ballot for four open borough council spots.  Auditor, tax collector, and judge of elections are all empty too.

"I was really surprised, I had a friend tell me but I was surprised even with her telling me,” said Kathy Osterhaut of Hallstead.

Osterhaut did vote but she can't believe in a community with 1,300 people, no one wanted the open leadership roles.

"I don’t know what it is, people don’t seem interested.  They think the world is going to go on without it, but it can’t."

Eddie Arnold was also stunned to find the ballot almost empty.

"I think it’s a shame people don’t stand up and run for office and make sure their town and people are taken care of."

Since there’s no one on the ballot, county election officials will then look to the write-in votes.  Even if someone gets just one write-in, they could find themselves the next mayor or council person in Hallstead.

"It’s not going to be me!"

Kathleen Setzer isn't writing herself in but Blue Ridge High School student Nicholas Burgess asked her to write his name in for borough council.

The 18 year old decided to run a write-in campaign.

"It was a last-minute thing. There were open spots, I’m of age and eligible for the spot and I thought ‘why not?’" Burgess explained. "It’s not about the title, it’s about serving your community."

Those coming to vote can't believe others in their community don't see it that way.

"I grew up in this town, my mother grew up in this town, I have a lot of good memories here and I’d like to see representation and a little help here,” Setzer said.

The Susquehanna County Elections Board will sort through the write-ins Friday to see if anyone won any of the openings in Hallstead.