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Montoursville Mayoral Race Pits Incumbent Against Challenger

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MONTOURSVILLE — Voters heading to the polls in Montoursville have an interesting race for mayor on their hands.

The incumbent mayor of three decades had announced his retirement plans.

Then he had a change of heart ad once again won a spot on the ballot.

This is the second and final round for the mayoral candidates in Montoursville; one who is running for the office her first time and the other, an eight term mayor looking to make it nine.

Back in May, incumbent Republican Mayor John Dorin ran a write-in campaign.

He won enough votes on the Democratic side to get himself on the November ballot.

His opponent, Kim DiRocco, won the Republican ticket and looked to run unopposed until Dorin changed his mind, and got in the race, instead of retiring.

“Because he was retiring I chose to step forward, I knocked on doors, talked to over 1,000 residents in the borough,” said DiRocco.

Now DiRocco was forced to campaign once again against the man who has been mayor of Montoursville for more than 30 years.

Dorin cast his vote at the borough building, looking to return to office for yet another term.

“It’s been a great nine races over the years, I look forward to being mayor of Montoursville which is a great community,” said Mayor Dorin.

The mayor’s race seemed to be a big draw at the three polling places in Montoursville. Election officials said there was a good turnout by mid-day and voters had their minds made up about which candidate should win.

“Our current mayor has done a good job and I feel he will continue to do it,” said Joseph Gonzalez.

“We went through four years of foolish spending, we need to get back to spending the money where we need to spend it,” said Lee Dunlap.

To give you an idea of how contentious the race for mayor of Montoursville has been, the incumbent Dorin said his campaign has spent more money than all his 8 previous races combined. His opponent, DiRocco, said she’s spent nearly as much money, trying to win the race.