Food Is An Election Day Tradition

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ORWIGSBURG — There are some traditions that are tied to Election Day and one of those involves food: and Election Day pork and sauerkraut dinner in Schuylkill County.

At the Masonic Lodge in Orwigsburg, kitchen workers were busy making an Election Day tradition, hundreds of pounds of pork and sauerkraut.

For $8 you get a complete meal, including dessert.

“We get out and vote and then we come over here and have dinner. It’s something that we like to do,” said Ron Keller of Orwigsburg.

For the Masonic Lodge, it brings in dollars.

“We try and make money for bills, taxes, electric, oil that all has to be paid,” explained Robert Baessler.  “We have a large contingent of people who know if it’s Election Day, there is pork and sauerkraut at Schuylkill Lodge.

Others use Election Day as a money maker, too. The Kline Township Beautification Committee is selling hoagies.

“We’ve noticed over the last several years with monies being tight with some municipalities that they are not cleaning up the area that they would like to,” said committee member Gary Perna.  “(We will) take on the project of cleaning up the Kelayres playground which has been in the community for 70 years.  We repainted all the playground equipment.  We’re going to be putting in a walking trail this spring.”

Anna Marie Ruby voted then bought several hoagies.

“We always support the organization and they’re good!”

“Some say there is something more important than traditional Election Day food. That is get out and vote.