Election Day In Schuylkill County

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KLINE TOWNSHIP -- Election Day can be busy and exciting for voters, those who work the polls and politicians.

Some will rejoice over their victories, losers will wonder what they did wrong.

For others, they’re getting their first taste of politics, including Diane Minneci. She's running for tax collector in Kline Township.

"I moved into Kline Township two years ago and I just want to help the people here, go to them if they need me to and just meet more of the people in my community," Minneci said.

Nick Sanko is an old hand at politics. He's been involved with elections for the last 55 years.

"I enjoy working with the people. There (are) a lot of things to be done and as a supervisor I can help out more and it's nice getting involved. I know all the people at the courthouse," Sanko explained.

For years, Betty Gallo, 85, voted by absentee ballot in North Manheim Township because she was frustrated by the older mechanical voting machines.  With new state-of-the-art equipment now being used, she thought she'd give it another try.  Gallo said she liked the experience.

"I think it's easier to use than the one that was with the curtain and would pull. I don't like that."

Election officials are puzzled every year because many people are registered to vote but very few do.