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Names Released in Apparent Murder-Suicide

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP — South Abington Police said they got a call around 5:30 p.m. Monday, and when they arrived at Abington Manor nursing home they found 79-year-old nursing-home patient, Howard Kinney, and a 42-year-old nurse, Aimee Larkin of Dunmore dead inside a patient room.

Police said it was other employees at Abington Manor who discovered their coworker dead inside a patient room with the resident. Police said it seems the Larkin shot Kinney and then turned the gun on herself.

Police believe it’s a murder-suicide, and that the Larkin and Kinney were alone when it happened. Other than that, they have very little information. There was no note, and employees at Abington Manor said they haven’t noticed any unusual behavior from the nurse or the patient.

According to police Larkin was working when it happened. She had been an employee at Abington Manor since 2011. Kinney has been living there for two years. Police don’t know anything about the relationship between them.

Police said no other residents at Abington Manor were in any danger. They call it an isolated incident.

Investigators are struggling to determine the motive for the shooting.


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