Moosic Diner Closed For Renovations, Managers Open New Place

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MOOSIC -- A longtime landmark in Lackawanna County is undergoing some big changes.

The Moosic Diner is being renovated and once it reopens, it will be under new management as the current staff relocates to another restaurant.

The Moosic Diner has been closed for about a week and a lot of people have been wondering if it is closed for good.

We learned the diner will reopen under new management while the old managers and their workers start a new business in Taylor.

If you're driving in Moosic, you've might have noticed that one of the areas popular diners is closed. “Closed for remodeling” and “under new management” are just some of the signs hanging on or around the Moosic Diner.

"We were kind of heartbroken but now we found out that they're here and we're happy about it,” said Margaret Urban of Old Forge.

Len and Tori Krappa managed the Moosic Diner for 13 years.  Over the last couple of months they decided it was time to start a business of their own, so they bought the former Family Affair restaurant in Taylor, which they are now calling Lucca Italian Restaurant and Catering.

The restaurant has only been opened for a couple of days in Taylor and they don't even have the sign outside of the building with its new name. But, word of mouth travels pretty quickly around here and loyal customers have already followed.

"I know both of them. I know they have some good ideas and the food was always good in their other place so I’m sure it's going to be great here,” said Sal Luzio of Old Forge.

Margaret Urban is 89 years old and would stop at the diner at least three days a week. She says she can't wait to her friends about the new restaurant.

"It’s beautiful and I’m glad for them. I hope they have a big success."

The new restaurant is about four times the size of the Moosic Diner. There is more seating both in and outside and a large banquet hall that's still under construction. Right now only breakfast and lunch is being offered but the owners say they're preparing to unveil their new dinner menu in a few weeks.

"The food is going to be better. We're bringing some other talents in. It’s going to be the same home-style food but we're going to have a lot of new items that I think customers are going to like,” said owner Len Krappa.

As for the Moosic Diner, there is no word on when they will reopen.