Remembering a Good Samaritan Killed in Crash

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CARBONDALE -- A Lackawanna County man's life was cut short a few weeks ago after stopping on a busy highway to help when another vehicle broke-down.

It was an emotional day as friends and family came together to remember Rikki Cummings, 30, of Scranton.

Last month Cummings pulled over on the Casey highway in Mayfield after seeing a man on the side of the road with a flat tire. Investigators say moments later Cummings was struck by another car, killing him.

"He was just, he was always there for people," said the victim's fiance Jessica Casciano. "He would go out of his way. He was a great person."

Friends and family members organized an event to honor Cummings, thanking him for the life he lived always helping others. This time though, it was others helping, donating baked goods and gift baskets to help his family.

"We had a lot of donations, a lot of baked goods and basket raffles that kind of thing. We made a decent amount of money for his family to pay for his expenses and his daughter," said Debbie Fay.

Cummings daughter turned one year old a week after he was killed. The family's main priority now, is to make sure she lives a happy and healthy life without her father.

"When people are just there for you and support. It's amazing I have no words to put together for it. It's just a beautiful thing," said Casciano.

"The hearts of the people to donate the baskets to come here and support and show the love for him. It was very overwhelming," said the victim's mother Cindy Slevenski.

Loved ones later let go of balloons filled with messages of love sending them off to Rikki, letting him know he is missed.