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Man Sentenced for Child Endangerment

Posted on: 5:30 pm, November 2, 2013, by

BLOOMSBURG — A man was sentenced Friday for repeatedly breaking the leg of his infant daughter last November in Columbia county.

Andrew Hess, 19, of North Centre township was sentenced to 19 months in jail for simple assault and child endangerment.

Hess admitted to twisting the leg of his newborn daughter on three separate occasions, resulting in three fractures.

According to published reports, Hess admitted to having anger problems and will not be allowed to have contact with his daughter.


  • Sundown says:

    Our judicial system is a REAL joke sometimes! 19 months for twisting the leg of HIS OWN NEWBORN daughter? Who’s the idiot judge who let this LOSER cop this plea?!?! Try this on for size, put this loser in a boxing ring with someone ten times his size and see how he likes it…
    I suppose his supporters will make excuses for him poor thing that he is under SO much pressure as a young father…well next time think before you put yourself in that position!

  • Dee says:

    wth is wrong with this world, I honestly believe it’s time we stop reproducing until we figure out how to be human beings.

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