Event Raises Money for Bulletproof Vests

NANTICOKE -- A fundraiser to pay for bulletproof vests for police officers was held Saturday.

Dozens of women were sweating it out at "Fitness for a Cause" at the Nanticoke Armory in Luzerne county.

Nanticoke high school senior Kerinne Dorris organized the event to raise money for "Fallen Officers Remembered", an organization which purchases vests for police officers.

Dorris hoped to raise enough to buy bulletproof vests for officers who are military veterans, in honor of her father who is in the army.

"I figured since my dad is in the army, what better way to raise money than for bulletproof vests cause I'd want my father to be safe." said Dorris.

"Fallen Officers Remembered" has provided 200 vests for police officers since 2006.


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