Smaller Shops Competing with Major Retailers this Holiday

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HONESDALE-- The 2013 holiday shopping season is set to be the shortest on record with just 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That's six fewer days than last years.

That means shoppers will have less time to snag the best deals.

"You have to start early because people go out early and then you miss the good gifts that the kids want. You won't be able to find them," Samantha Morena of Honesdale said.

So will the shoppers stop at the mom and pop shops this holiday season?

Some store workers in Honesdale said the last couple of years have been tough competing with major retailers.

"We used to be very busy and we have noticed a dramatic decrease, and its a little bit frustrating," said JoAnn Ostrander of Country Dawn.

Ostrander has worked at County Dawn for more than 25 years. She said the number of customers on Black Friday dwindles every year.

The store is already offering 50% off in half of its store.

At Arts for Him and Her Too, workers said the store will never open its doors Thanksgiving Night.

"I think the mad rush for the almighty dollar, that's gone too far. When you have to open on Thanksgiving Day. We'll never do that, that's ridiculous," Tom Fasshauer of Arts for Him and Her Too said.

The National Retail Federation Estimates that the average shopper will spend more than $700 this holiday season.

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