Family Living In Fear

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State police are investigating a series of threats against a family in Luzerne County.

The Shock family lives near Mountain Top. They said they are living in terror, a real nightmare. A court document says they've been the subjects of threats.

Denise Shock said she's scared.

"I've been getting emails, threats that they're going to do stuff to my house and cars and my house has been getting hit with rocks. I've had windows smashed in the house, windows smashed on my vehicles and tires cut," said Denise.

Bullet holes in the house, has prompted Vince Shock to openly wear a gun, to protect himself and his family.

"You don't know if you're going to get hit or shot at night," Vince said.

State police are taking the threats seriously. They recently got a search warrant and served it on Facebook headquarters. They're trying to track down who's been threatening the family through the social media site.

Delores Shock, 85, said she feels the threats are real.

"I was washing my dishes and for some reason I walked away and that's when the window got broke and I said, 'Oh God, you are protecting me!.'"

The Shocks said the threats began after they refused to sell a dirt bike back to another family.

The families big question is, will the search warrant lead to criminal charges against whoever is responsible.