Abandoned Puppies Almost Ready For Adoption

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- Five puppies found abandoned in a trash bag have been given a clean bill of health.

The person who dumped the dogs was never found.

In a mix of black, white, and a bit of brown, the puppies stay huddled together napping under heat lamps after they were hand fed with bottles.

These pups have grown quite a bit in the past month from the last time Newswatch 16 was at Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge in Luzerne County's back mountain.

It was around the beginning of October when a jogger found five newborn puppies abandoned in a bag of trash and left to die alongside a rural road near Sweet Valley.

Ruthie Skammer has been volunteering at the shelter every single day since the puppies were discovered. The wellness teacher at Dallas High School says she wakes up early and feeds these growing pups at 4 a.m. before she drives to work.

"I come in, get their bottles ready, feed them one at a time and they go right back to sleep, just to see the progress from a day old to where they are now,” Skammer said.

The puppies will be ready for adoption in about three weeks. Volunteers tell us they have been overwhelmed. More than 30 people have applied to take these pups home, so they had to close the list for applications, at least for these puppies.

"It was just amazing all the people who called to offer their dogs to be surrogate mothers, people who came forward with hot water bottles for us. It’s just been great. Everybody has been super,” said Marge Bart.

Bart runs the animal refuge in Franklin Township and says four pups are still at Blue Chip.  The fifth is in a foster home.

The dog's mother was never surrendered and two surrogate dogs did not take to the puppies but Bart says they are doing better than expected.

A DNA test on the pups should be back in two weeks to see which breed they are.

“All the volunteers here care so much for these animals to give them a second chance. The good care here, we knew that they would make it. It`s a miracle. These are miracle puppies."

Volunteers say more than $2,000 in donations have come in since the puppies were rescued.


  • Sarah Shepherd

    Well said! Praying for the pups and hoping the in – human, heartless person that did this gets caught !

  • Nun Ya

    I am tired of hearing terrible news, people just disregarding children and animals like garbage. IF you don’t want an innocent child, if you don’t want an innocent animal leave them somewhere so that someone with a heart can help them. I WOULD take a child in a second and would help a helpless animal in a second. There are good people out there. I HOPE this person gets caught & I hope these precious pups gets a good home.

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