Threatened Birds Shot In Monroe County

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PIKE COUNTY -- A female osprey is being cared for at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center near Milford in Pike County, after being shot last month.

The bird was shot twice, once in the leg, once in the wing.

She will never again be able to fly.

"It's sad to see. You see video of them or see them flying and the amazing things they can do, to take that away from them," said caregiver Jan Lucciola.

Officers with the Pennsylvania Game Commission said the osprey was found shot in an area outside Cresco in Monroe County last month.

Another osprey was found shot in that same area in April.

That bird died.

Osprey are threatened species in Pennsylvania. Shooting one of the birds is a misdemeanor charge and a $5,000 fine.

Bill Streeter is director of the Delaware Valley Raptor Center and said it's "insane" that someone would do this these birds.

He also said it is rare that people are charged for hurting wildlife like this.

"It's not something that happens very often, it has to be proven and unless someone brags about what they did and someone else turns them in, it's very hard to prove it," said Streeter.

The osprey will stay at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center in Pike County.

Officers with the Game Commission are investigating the shootings in Monroe County.