Seniors: Social Security Increase Falls Short

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MAHANOY CITY -- More than 57 million people who receive Social Security benefits will find a little more money in their checks next year.

We spoke with some senior citizens in Schuylkill County who say it's still not enough money.

Loretta Parulis works at the senior citizens' center in Mahanoy City. She is semi-retired and collects Social Security. She says because of finances, she has to have a job.

"I am working because my Social Security check is low so I am working this job to make, even out my bills," she said.

More than 57 million people who collect Social Security are finding out they'll get an increase next year of one and a half per cent. That means an average of $19 a month.

"Politicians get their large amounts and they should give us seniors, we're all retired, they should give us more than 1.5 percent," said Tina Gaydosh.

"It's just not enough. Everything else is going up, maybe 2 percent when you shop. We're getting 1.5 (percent). It's not going to make a big difference, really," George Gaydosh.

George Koback has two years to go before he's eligible to collect Social Security.   He wonders if the money will be there to retire.

"It's been borrowed for this program and that program, so we're hoping that it would be stable for everybody who paid into this all our lives."

Social Security recipients will get a 1.5 percent increase in their checks next year, beyond that is anyone's guess.


  • coffee

    Anyone that thinks that the social security ponzi scheme will provide them with a comfortable retirement is a fool!

  • Charly Lucky

    1.5 % ? For our seniors, nice. This is how we treat our senior citizens??? I wonder what the politicians in Washington get in their raise?????

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