Pittston Political Ads Turn Nasty

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PITTSTON – The two candidates running for district judge in the Greater Pittston Area told Newswatch 16 that they stand behind the messages in their defensive political advertisements, which started running on TV and radio stations in the area this week.

There are small signs in front yards and big billboards along busy streets in Pittston, but residents inside Anthracite Apartments said that new political ads have caught their attention, just one week before election day.

“I just seen the nasty ads a couple days ago and I don’t like it,” said Donna Cerza. “I don’t think you should put anybody down.”

Girard Mecadon’s advertisement claimed that his opponent, Alexandra Kokura, does not have enough experience to be a district judge.

“What about her family’s hiring shenanigans at Pittston Area? Good for students and taxpayers, or good for Kokura,” said the advertisement.

Kokura said she had to fire back with her own new political advertisement.

“Jerry Mecadon hired the same political consultant that ran the corrupt judges' campaigns. Mecadon's advisers have even followed and secretly recorded Alexandra Kokura in an effort to smear her reputation,” said the advertisement.

At his law office in Pittston, Mecadon told Newswatch 16 that he stands behind the message in the advertisement.

“I don't agree with the ad at all. I think it's inaccurate. I think it’s sad that “Kids for Cash” is being brought back up again for something I certainly have nothing to do with,” said Mecadon.

In nearby Duryea, Kokura said that she could not ignore Mecadon’s accusations, as she was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

“I think you have to step away from the negativity. It was something like I said, I was disappointed that it took that turn, but at the end of the day, you have to respond to it,” said Kokura. “You have to be accountable and let the voters know what's going on.”

Writers at PoliticsPA.com said that the campaigning in Pittston is one of the “Top 13 most interesting PA races of 2013”.

Some people who plan to cast their ballots in Pittston next week told Newswatch 16 that they believe the new ads are too negative and even confusing.

"I know I’m turned off. I do vote but, sometimes I think, who do you vote for? What do you do,” said Reba Emil.