Building a Home from the Ground Up

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DIMOCK – A new home going up in Susuqehanna County is almost done. The three year project in Dimock is unlike any other home you’ll find.

From the outside it looks just like any other house. Inside, workers busy putting the final touches on the project in Dimock.

But Zachary Hallisey and the about 60 other contractors are all high school students.

"It`s a great opportunity especially to do all this, I see my dad doing work like this, and I want to do that, that sounds like fun,” said Hallisey.

Hallisey is part of the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center class that’s building this home from the ground up, while building a strong foundation for futures in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and more.

"You get to go out on your own, the teacher tells you what to do, you do it, he shows you how to do it. It`s just a great experience,” said Hallisey.

Crews said work on this three bedroom, 2 ½ bath is almost done. Students like Kiera Merritt have been working on it in shifts for three years.

"Mainly I`ve been doing a lot of the hardwood flooring that we`ve been doing here, replacing doors that need to be replaced,” said Merritt.

The future homeowners will have all of the latest technology installed by the students themselves, from heating and cooling to electrical and this plumbing.

"It`s kind of stressful sometimes because you don`t know how to do something, but you always have Mr. Fenton to ask, and he`s a great help,” said sophomore Zach Weida.

Career Tech teacher Gary Fenton helps the students through it all, from the classroom to the on-site work.

"They all want to do something we just need to inspire them, my job here is to try and give them as many experiences as I can,” said Fenton.

The Susquehanna County Home is up for bid and will soon be turned over to a new homeowner, but the experience is one the students will never forget.

"I love it here, there`s nothing more I`d rather do than go to school and come and do something I`d love to do,” said Weida.

Anyone interested in bidding on the home can contact the Susquehanna County Career Technology center at (570) 278-9229.

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  • Chuck Place

    My wife and myself stopped by this AM to see how the project is coming and we are very impressed with the quality of workmanship. The kitchen is quite impressive and I understand the students built the cabinents themselves. The split heating and cooling system is a very neat setup. Nice location for someone looking for a home not on a busy/noisy highway.

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