Voter Turnout Expected To Be Low

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SUNBURY -- Campaign signs line the streets in and around Sunbury. The general election is less than one week away, but that doesn't mean people will line up to cast their ballots.

"I never really had a thought to vote or nothing, so I just don't," Matthew Mccollum said.

Some voters say they don't care because it's not a presidential election. Others say they do not feel it's worth it.

"I don't ever plan on voting because a lot of people turn crooked. It's all about the money out there," Dawn Garancowky said.

There are around 54,000 registered voters in Northumberland County, but the director of elections says she expects the turnout to be low for this year's general election. She says it usually is during a non-presidential election.

The Northumberland County Director of Elections says that in last year's presidential election, 48% of registered voters came out to the polls. She anticipates during this year's election, those numbers to be between 17-20%.

In Northumberland County, four row offices including coroner and controller are up for reelection, as well as some mayors and council seats. Some folks say those races will bring them out to the polls next week.

"I'm voting for the county. It's not a big vote, but I've been voting for as long as I can remember," Aaron McCreary said.

Tara Miller of Sunbury says she plans to vote in hopes to bring about change.

"I do it on a regular basis. When I was younger I didn't do it, I didn't think it was important. I think as I got older I realize how important it is to do it," Miller said.

The general election is Tuesday, November 5.

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