Teen Dies After Fall In Scranton

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SCRANTON — A teenager died Tuesday night after falling while climbing off a building in Scranton.

Police tell us John Dutter, 15, of Scranton was with friends who were jumping from the roof of a car wash on Moosic Street around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Dutter decided not to jump and his friends helped him climb down.

Officers say on the way down, Dutter fell and at first appeared to be unhurt. He collapsed and was taken to the hospital where he died.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Scranton police say an adult witness confirmed the story and have cell phone video to prove it.


  • Ann

    From what I heard they were recording this to put on you tube .And I heard he had asthma and his lung collapsed .Its just a shame .May god bless his sole and guide his family and keep them strong .

  • MmJm

    Even if the adult didn’t run over and help, he shouldn’t be held responsible, no one forced those kids to do something that dangerous and stupid. And he could have been taking video to prove those kids wwere doing that.

  • Gail

    Apparently the adult was more interested in the entertainment value of the video that making sure the teens were not doing something illegal in the first place, He should be brought up on charges.

    • Cheif keef

      i was there for the whole thing i also helped john get off the roof i dident see any adult i was surprised to hear it was on camera….also i seen he was haveing a hard time brething so i told every one that was watching to back off but no one wanted to listen to me i was probley the only one there who knew how to give accurate cpr but it dident matter at that time bec nobody would listen to me

      • Gail

        I understand that. I am the only medially trained person at the auction house were I work one day a week. We had a really bad incident that left the man with a fractured skull. He was gagging on his own blood and try as I might I could not get anyone to help me turn him to his side and the one person helping me had his neck and head secure so no damage happened there. I am an ex-army medic and I know that some people would rather gauk at what is happening than do what needs to be done.

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